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UX Intern | Google, Mountain View

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Location: Mountain View, California, USA
Project Summary: Involved in multiple projects that revolved around improving UX around certain sections of Google Adwords
Project Duration: May – July 2013
Responsibilities: User Experience, Visual Communication, UX Research, Usability Testing, Prototyping
Project Mentors: Anya Kogan & Ellen Faulkner, Google Adwords

The experience of working in Google was more meaningful and valuable than just the project for me – right from collaborating with product managers, engineers & other designers, to understanding the company’s core values and applying them in our daily tasks. To describe my major project, Ad Scheduling & Bid Adjustments – The target was to improve & create a intuitive way for advertisers to easily schedule their ads, and how much lower or higher they want to pay for them. My role in the project was to understand existing usability issues with ad scheduling, explore similar products, propose multiple design concepts & test them out. The challenge was to work in close understanding with the Engineering team so as to come up with a concept that is implementable & user friendly at the same time. An iterative design process was followed wherein feedback was taken from actual users at each step. In my secondary project, I was assigned the task to create illustrations for the landing screen of the Adwords widget, Navigator. I also took part in a week long design sprint week with fellow designers from Ads & Commerce UX team.

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1. “Mannu is a great young designer who soaks up new knowledge like a sponge and has tons of potential to develop into a rockstar. I would recommend him for your UX design needs!
During Mannu’s time at Google AdWords, Mannu was never precious about his work – able to iterate by disregarding many of his original ideas and always coming up with something fresh and improved, using his suburb visual skills and consistently putting users first along the way. This was not an easy task given the complexity of the advertising platform he was working on. However, Mannu taught himself AdWords as needed, all the while integrating himself closely into the design and engineering teams around him (we still miss him!).” October 3, 2013 Anya Kogan Mezak, Senior UX Designer, Google