Project Images:
  • Key areas of research for Brahmaputra brainstormed, listed and narrowed down. Online study and literature research done
  • The entire narrative divided into seven segments – Introduction, Mythology, Geography, Environment,  Economy, Infrastructure and final Conclusion
  • Set of key questions prepared and refined for user inputs
  • Field trips – Trips to different locations such as the banks of the river, temples near and around, ferry’s plying on the river, floating restaurants, Umananda temple island etc. The work included talking to people, collecting HD photographs and panoramas and photographs for a time lapse sequence
  • Compilation of all data and formation of storyboard and different means of interaction in the narrative
  • Editing / Correction of images and videos to suit size and supported format requirements
  • Building the interactive narrative on the software provided (RIN Studio)
  • Voice recording to provide narration to the narrative, Sound editing and background score
  • Final compilation and test run