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güncel döviz forex follow site Client: MIT Media Labs Design Innovation Workshop
historique rencontres espagne portugal Project Summary:  Aim is to design and prototype well thought-out ideas that are user-centric, in a span of 4 days. Emphasis to be made on process, as well as final deliverable.
source site Project Duration: January 21 – January 25, 2013 (5 days) Responsibilities: Field Trip, Problem Identification, Brainstorming, Interviews, Affinity Mapping, Persona /  Scenario Building, Low / Mid / High Fidelity Prototype, Usability Testing, Working Prototype Final Deliverable: Working Android Application + Concept Poster
Project Mentor: Amy Canham & elite matchmaking washington dc  Sujoy Kumar Choudhary Team Members: Jeel Jasani, Naman Govil, Hari Krishna Prabhu (All my members were students pursuing Computer Science in different universities across India) A week long workshop organized by MIT Media Labs in association with Nokia, the aim was to collaborate between designers and developers to identify key problems and come up with solutions pertaining to mobile ecosystems in a span of four days. We were then expected to present the solution in an open house session on the fifth day. A total of 150 students attended the workshop, who were evenly divided into 5 tracks, 30 students each. I was a part of Nokia Mobile Ecosystems track, headed Amy & Sujoy. We started by a 2 hour field trip where we visited key locations nearby the workshop venue to explore and identify key problems that we could tackle. This was followed by narrowing down to one, and defining the problem / idea pitch. User Centred Design methodology was followed after this which included interviews, affinity mapping, persona / scenarios creation, paper prototyping, mid fidelity prototype, usability testing and a high fidelity prototype.

The problem that we identified was that students waste money in hostel mess in universities by paying on a monthly basis and not taking all the meals. As a result, a substantial amount of food is also wasted in the mess.

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